I help those who are struggling with a sense of disconnection and loneliness to reawaken their authentic selves and find deeper meaning and purpose in life. I do this by increasing emotional intelligence, making peace with their inner critic, and finding confidence and hope to reconnect with others.

I provide psychotherapy for adults, adolescents, families, and couples that incorporates a systems therapeutic approach and other major models of therapy. I have experience facilitating support groups, process groups, and intensive outpatient groups. I am licensed to provide psychotherapy to clients who are located in the states of Tennessee, Virginia, California, & Nevada. At this time, all sessions are held by TeleHealth using a HIPAA compliant platform.

Driving Philosophy

I believe in the evidence-based approach that trust and safety established in the therapeutic relationship is the foundation to healing. I ascribe to the belief that all people have a desire for belonging with ourselves as well as how we engage with others in the world. I provide a nonjudgmental space with accurate empathy where you can relax and be yourself in a confidential and trusting place.

I incorporate the theoretical foundations of client-centered humanism, existentialism, and attachment-based family systems. Using these foundations, I adapt specific intervention tools to the individual needs of each client, couple, or family. I do this by working on a collaborative path with each client to develop a stronger and healthier sense of self, create healthy boundaries and assertiveness skills, realize a deeper meaning of existence in this world, strengthen relationships, and solicit appropriate change in a healthy adaptive way. I specialize in EMDR, a psychotherapy technique to alleviate distress associated with traumatic and emotionally vulnerable memories.

Areas of Focus

Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR)

Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction


Pandemic emotional exhaustion

Depressed mood & “feeling not like myself”


High stress lifestyles


Emotional needs related to being gifted 

Healthy self identity


Adapting to change

Existential meaning in life & asking “What is my Purpose?”


Anxiety & other fears

Adolescent angst & low self-esteem

Traumatic memories & PTSD

Relationship challenges

Family conflicts

Childhood trauma

Natural disasters